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With the slogan ‘Hard Hitting and Fearless’, Zordar Times is the premier destination for up-to-the-minute news and inside information presented in a serious tone in English, Hindi and Punjabi languages.

Zordar Times delivers news, and opinions about politics, media and entertainment, in the shape of photos, videos and live-event coverage catering to People living around the globe.

Zordar Times has a team of professional writers, journalists and trade experts from the media stream to provide authentic news and updates. Based in Ludhiana city of Punjab, ZT was launched in May 2015, as a comprehensive opinion-based website. Today, Zordar Times has many exclusive stories archived on the site, making it an unparalleled resource for a people-driven media platform.

Zordar Times is an independent media organization, providing news, opinions and information, free from any political, religious or business pressure and favouritism. It requires your financial support to keep it free from political and commercial pressures. With this support from you, our journalists and writers will be able to perform their duties without any pressure and without fear. To support us click the button below. Thank you.

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